Only Trust Our Gate Repair For Your Peace Of Mind

Round Rock Fence Repair is well aware of the danger if a broken gate is left unattended. One of the main reasons for seeking gate repair services is to successfully handle concerns related to safety. The presence of a malfunctioning gate can potentially expose the property and its occupants to major risks. 

A malfunctioning automated gate can exhibit inadequate responsiveness to commands, posing an enormous danger of accidents and injuries. The potential collapse of a sagging gate or the failure of its hinges could result in severe damage to vehicles or put a risk of injury to individuals passing through. Maintaining a well-functioning gate is not just for you but also showing care for others as you do not let a chance for incidents.

Our company specializes in providing full gate repair services that are tailored to meet the needs of various types of gates. These include swing gates, sliding gates, overhead gates, vertical pivot gates, and more. We employ highly skilled wood gate repair technicians who possess the required knowledge and tools to effectively handle repairs, regardless of the height and complexity of the gate. We are fully equipped to handle concerns related to gate motors, hinges, tracks, wheels, electrical components, and any other components contributing to your broken gate.

We are a well-established company with seasoned technicians. We have different maintenance plans that you can browse and choose from. Our regular maintenance includes lubricating parts, inspection of sensors, checking electronic components, and adjustments for your gate’s smooth operation. If you have problems with your gate, we are just one call away.



Have Complete Confidence With Our Gate Replacement

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When a gate reaches a stage where repairs are no longer practical or attainable, the most suitable solution is to opt for gate replacement services. The replacement of a gate not only resolves functional concerns but also provides a chance to enhance security features and improve the general look of the property’s entrance. You can trust us for your gate replacement because we memorized it just like the back of our hands. 

Old gates have the potential to present dropped reliability and increased susceptibility to frequent malfunctions, jeopardizing the security of the premises. The occurrence of a malfunctioning gate will lead to unauthorized entry, which exposes your property to potential risks such as theft, vandalism, or trespassing. You do not want to replace your gate when someone already entered your property unauthorized. Gate replacement is pricier than gate repair, but you will cost a lot more money when a thief already walked through your gate.

Our Round Rock Fence company can enhance your gate with a new model that increases the overall market value of your property and also gives you a sense of tranquility. This is due to the fact that our upgraded gates are equipped with advanced security features and dependable access control systems. Call us for your gate replacement. Our friendly representatives are always ready to assist you.